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The photographer, Christian Lautenschleger of CAL Imagery.

Literally, for as long as I could remember, I enjoyed shooting and taking pictures.  I have always found there is something to creating a good image that captures the moment and mood forever.  A single picture captures the moment forever.

My background has included autodidactism, a few college classes, a year shooting for The Lantern, and a lot of real-life experiences (which are life’s greatest teachers anyhow).  I have shot 18 varsity sports at Ohio State, The Eagles, Bridget Marquardt, Kevin Smith, Grant and Kari of MythBusters, John Glenn, and TEDx New Albany.

The most driving aspect of photography for me is the reaction of people’s faces when they see a picture I take.  I absolutely love seeing the expression when people see my work.  I hope that makes their lives a little richer.