CAL Imagery offers a variety of services.  Please book the one that best fits your photographic needs!

You can contact Christian here to schedule your session.

Thank you!


All events come with top-shelf, professional quality.  You will receive a flash drive or shared photograph folder (your choice) of both full-size and down-sized photographers.


  • Option 1: Two (2) Hour Event $400
  • Option 2: Four (4) Hour Event $700 (BEST VALUE)
  • Option 3: All-Day Event: $1000

Real Estate

Beautiful, stunning, contemporary art crafted to close your property as soon as possible.


<2000 sq. ft.: $150

2001 sq. ft. – 4,000 sq. ft.: $200

4001-6000 sq. ft.: $250

>6000 sq. ft.: Contact

Interested in visually stunning dusk or dawn shots? Book a shoot for the most photogenic time for your listing!


All product sessions come with top-shelf, professional quality.  You will receive a flash drive or shared photograph folder (your choice).

Each package includes the photographer on site for stunning images transforming your product into real life.


Option 1: Ninety (90) minute session with medium-sized JPG images  $250

Option 2: Two (2) Hour Session with full and medium-sized JPG images $400

Option 3: Two (2) Hour Session with full, medium, and small-sized JPG images PLUS reshoots $550


Capture your family, special announcement, or professional headshot with amazing quality and artistry.  All packages are on location at the most photogenic scene of your choosing (please be mindful of traveling).


Option 1: Thirty (30) Minute Session, including one location and one outfit (no changes) $300

Option 2: Two (2) Hour Session, up to two locations and one change of outfit $550

Option 3: Three (3) Hour Session, up to three locations, and two changes of outfit $700

Prints and digital images of the portraits are available separately from the packages.

Head Shots

Changing careers (or want to?), positions, or wanting to update your head shot to his millennium?  Premium photography will help you stand out amongst the crowds!


Individual: $150 for a session of your choice (additional locations and sessions may include extra fees).  Sessions usually result in 4-7 pictures.

Group: $350 for a small office or group for a session.